It’s All About Design Ideas and Inspiration for Elementor


Hey There!

I’m Mordi Levi, a Digital Designer Specializing in Branding, Web Design and Illustration. I’ve been a Designer for a decade and in the past 2 years, I became a Digital Nomad -working online full time and traveling the world with my amazing Wife and 2 year old.

eifeed.com was created for my own selfish reasons at first. I was looking for a place I could collect and curate Elementor Design Ideas and Inspiration for my own inspiration, and I decided sharing it with everyone would be awesome, as there’s no such thing as too much inspiration.

Inspiration for me is the most important stage when creating. Opening your mind and feeding it with amazing websites, animations, and layouts is the best way to re-invent yourself, find new ideas and create meaningful, unique websites.

Experiments in Elementor and My YouTube Channel

As a part of my inspiration process, I mess around with Elementor and try to create new things. These experiments are focused on using Elementor and Elementor Pro only, with the absolute minimum of Coding use.

I share these experiments as Step-by-Step Tutorials on my YouTube channel, with the original JSON files available to download, so you can use them for your own projects, for free.

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